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Past Papers Model Questions And Answers

Past BGCSE Math model questions and answers are provided here for FREE. For an outline of syllabus concepts,
and questions grouped by concepts, try one of the Quick Review Companion CDs.

MATH BGCSE CORE/EXTENDED (Papers 1 and 2) - Practice Test 1 (1 1/2 hours)

1. This practice review test consists of 25 questions based on past BGCSE Exams.

2. For each question, write out your steps - just as you would do in a real examination.

3. Make sure you have pen, pencil, ruled paper, geometry set, graph paper and calculator ready.

Question 1

Write down the missing numbers, P and Q, in the series: P, 4, 7, 11, 16, Q

A P=1; Q=21
B P=2; Q=22
C P=3; Q=17
D P=1; Q=22

A B C D 
Question 2

A B C D 
Question 3

The price of a book last term was $30. The price this term is $36. What is the percentage increase in the

A $6
B 6%
C 16 2/3%
D 20%

A B C D 
Question 4

Solve x/5 = 10

A 1/2
B 2
C 15
D 50

A B C D 
Question 5

A B C D 
Question 6

Express this ratio in simplest form.
18 inches: 2 feet

A 9:1
B 4:3
C 3:4
D 1:9

A B C D 
Question 7

A B C D 
Question 8

A B C D 
Question 9

A B C D 
Question 10

A B C D 
Question 11

Ono sails his boat 3 miles due north from port P to port A, and then 4 miles due west to port B.
How far is port P from port B? [Hint: first draw a diagram of the trip.]

A 1 mile
B 5 miles
C 7 miles
D 12 miles

A B C D 
Question 12

A B C D 
Question 13

A B C D 
Question 14

A B C D 
Question 15

A B C D 
Question 16

A B C D 
Question 17

Using rule eand compasses, accurately construct a triangle PQR such that PQ = 6.0 cm, QR = 8.0 cm and RP = 5.0 cm.
Then take your protractor and measure angle RPQ. Angle RPQ =

A 39 degrees
B 41 degrees
C 93 degrees
D 87 degrees

A B C D 
Question 18

A B C D 
Question 19

A B C D 
Question 20

On the y-axis, use a scale of 1 cm to 1 unit and -4 < y < 3. Plot the graph of y = 2x - 3 using the table in
question 19. Give the co-ordinates of the point A where the graph cuts the x-axis.

A (0, -3)
B (-3, 0)
C (1.5, 0)
D (0, 1.5)

A B C D 
Question 21

A B C D 
Question 22

A B C D 
Question 23

A B C D 
Question 24

3 apples cost $1.89. What is the price of 2 1/2 dozens of such apples?

A $4.73
B $15.12
C $18.90
D $56.70

A B C D 
Question 25

The letters M, A, T, H, E, M, A, T, I, C, S are each written on separate cards of the same size and placed in a
bag. One card is pulled out at a time at random and not replaced in the bag. What is the probability pulling
out an M followed by another M?

A 2/11 + 2/11
B 2/11 x 2/11
C 2/11 + 1/10
D 2/11 x
A B C D 

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