Quick Review Companion
for BGCSE MATH Papers 1 & 2

What is quick review companion?
A revision system to go through the syllabus in 2 weeks or less!

Can this improve my BGCSE grade?
Yes - by as much as half a letter grade. This could be the difference between a 'F' and a 'D', a 'C' and a 'B', or a 'B' and an 'A'!

Two weeks or less?? How is this possible?
- 30 topics in 3 Cds! [30]
-10 multiple choice questions per topic! [10].

Now imagine how long it takes to go through 1 topic... NO TIME!
And 30 topics?
That's right, two weeks is more than enough time!

With coverage in 30 topics and over 100 concepts tested, you can expect to sit the exam with as many as 30 ADDITIONAL concepts you did not know, or may have simply forgotten!

Curious what it looks like? Here are some screen shots!

1. Insert CD & select start BGCSE Review

2. Select a topic

3. Read how to use the CD

4. Read the summary of concepts for this topic

5. Misconceptions are choices, and are clarified if selected

6. Get scored

7. Repeat the sections until you get above 80%.

8. Sit the exam with more confidence!

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Quick Review Companion For BGCSE Core Math Vol. 1 CD