Quick Review Companion
for BGCSE MATH Papers 1 & 2

How can quick review companion be used?

•As a revision system to go through the syllabus in 2 weeks or less!
•As a companion to help you understand and master math topics as you are being taught.

Can this really improve my BGCSE grade (or my GPA)?
Yes! Of Course!

There are 30 topics in all, each topic carries 10 multiple choice questions. Imagine revising one topic containing 10 multiple choice questions in less than 15 minutes. You can easily revise 3 or more topics per day. That means revising the entire course in 10 days (or even less) just before the exam!

Using this resource as a companion will help you with your homework as well as preparing for tests. How's that for your GPA!

What platforms are available?

•CDs are available for those who prefer this platform.
•An on-line platform is also available which you can use on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Quick Review Companion For BGCSE Core Math Vol. 1 CD


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What Versions are available?

•A FREE TRIAL Version is available on-line on the homepage.
•Our LOW COST FULL VERSION is available in 3 volumes on CD at our participating stores, or on line.

How do I use the stuff?
Very simple. After you have selected your version, follow these easy steps:
    1. Click "Start".
    2. To go to a topic, click "File" and select a topic.
    3. Read how to use the CD.

4. Read the summary of concepts for this topic

5. Follow on screen instructions.

How do I how well I am doing?
•Each time you click an answer you will get feedback on whether you are right or wrong. In addition, in many cases you will see why you were wrong and what is the right way.
•You are scored automatically in each topic based on how many questions you got right the first time you clicked a choice. We recommend that if you score less than 90% on a topic, you should repeat the topic the next day or until you get at least a 90% score.